Thursday, 20 May 2010

Like Bees To Honey

I've been following Caroline Smailes' blog since before I set up The trouser Press, and since before she published her first novel, In Search Of Adam. Her blog has always been a very friendly, welcoming and thoughtful place (and is one of the sites that inspired me to start blogging in the first place).

I've found her novels, meanwhile, to be highly affecting - at times tremendously poignant and unflinchingly dark - as well as compelling and cleverly-constructed (you can find my review of her second novel, Black Boxes, here).

So it's very exciting to play a small part in the launch of her new (third) novel. Oh yes.

Like Bees To Honey is about to be published in a few days' time - but just before it becomes available, it's going on a blog tour, with different sites hosting each chapter. I'm hosting chapter 21 (see below): if you want to follow the whole thing from the beginning then click this link to Caroline's blog.

Without further ado (i.e. to stop me from waffling on any longer), here is chapter 21:

To find chapter 22, follow the link here:

Like Bees To Honey is also available to order here.


Caroline said...

LOVE your tag :) Thanks so much for this, you lovely man. We've had quite a journey x

trousers said...

We have, haven't we? Thank you too for allowing me to be part of this x